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5 annoying things about the job search

Job hunt is not an easy task by any means. Competition is fiercely increasing as people are doing everything they can to secure the best and most advanced degrees. With an increasing number of graduates every year, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to quickly find a job. Very quickly, a job hunt can become discouraging and highly time consuming. A typical job hunt comes with many frustrations and it’s important to remember these so you don’t lose hope or burn out quickly.

Job applications

Ironically, one of the most frustrating things about a job hunt are the applications themselves. As every CV needs to be tailored for the role, it becomes a  highly tedious and time consuming task with each one possibly taking anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to sometimes even a day or two. Applications are becoming increasingly choosy – a recent trend is where companies are asking for a video cover letter! It’s great for the company as they can get a glimpse of the candidate but it’s not so fun for the applicant. Some applications are quite lengthy and require each and every detail of your history. There are still many companies who have a more direct application and these are simply the best! Watch out for the ones that do take a while to finish – just remember to pace yourself!

Not hearing back

Many times, we read the job description and feel like it has your name written all over it. You are perfectly qualified and simply fit all the requirements. You spend hours tailoring the application, apply, and then never hear back. This happens far, far more often that you would think. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you – it’s likely that someone else has just slightly beat you to it. And remember, recruiters are insanely busy people. They unfortunately don’t even have the time to “reject” the application. Not hearing back can be frustrating but it’s best to keep your chin up and move on!


This one really depends on how much you enjoy speaking to strangers. If you love the idea of it, this may not be so bad. But for many of us who have a bit of trouble kickstarting a conversation with random people in high hopes of getting their business card and eventually sneaking in your CV into their mailbox and praying for a referral, this is super frustrating! It’s a lot of work and you will likely get sucked into many of such events. It can be tiring to say the least!

Jobs that require experience

So, you think you found the perfect job. It matches your skills, personality and this is exactly what you want to be doing! Everything seems great, until you see that it requires experience. This is especially disheartening for fresh graduates and people without experience – how are you supposed to gain experience if every job requires previous experience?! Don’t get frustrated. This happens far too often. Best way to handle this is to highlight your transferable skills that you can bring forward to the role.

Questions from friends and family

Once your loved ones know you are looking for new opportunities, it’s natural to keep poking you to find out if you have landed something yet. The questions will keep coming in and unfortunately, they just don’t know when to stop. It can be frustrating to answer these questions if you have nothing in the pipeline. It’s best to remind them that you are pacing out your applications and that you will let them know once you do land something! Some people keep it a secret from family and friends. If you don’t want the pressure of being asked constantly, it’s best to keep it a secret until you do land your dream role!

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