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Have an interview coming up? Here are 4 questions to avoid asking

Interviews are the perfect chance for the employer to get to know your background, skills and personality. Likewise, it’s also your opportunity to learn more about the role, company, and culture. Before the final wrap up of the interview, you are sure to get hit with a “do you have any questions for me?” and this is your time to ask anything you’d like – well, almost anything. There are some sensitive things that are best to avoid asking in an interview! If you do end up asking these, consider your chances of getting the job slim to none.

What are my working hours?

Unless you have a very specific reason for asking this (e.g.- you are a part-time hire), try to avoid this question. As important as work life balance is, this isn’t the most attractive question to ask upon the first meeting. Try to pick up hints during the interview about how late your manager works. If she mentions about her hobbies and things she does after work, she (and likely, you) will have time after work. If she’s talking about late-night emails and work, then she probably doesn’t have a lift after work. If this is really important for you and you must know the answer before accepting the offer, consider reaching out to some employees on LinkedIn and speak with them. Don’t make this the first question you ask but it’s something worth subtly bringing up in conversation.

What’s my salary?

This one’s another big no-no to ask right during the interview. Another itching question that we can’t stop thinking about. Naturally, we want something that pays higher than our current job but it’s best to wait until you receive the offer letter to find out what the job really pays. Asking this in an interview can be a huge turn-off and you will likely not get a call back. Again, if you are really curious, there are many websites where you can get an idea of the average salaries in the company so it’s worth a quick search online!

How many days off do I get?

It’s nice if you are already thinking about your next vacation but hold off on this one too until you receive your offer letter! Another unattractive question that needs to be tossed during an interview. Days off and any pre-planned holidays can all be discussed when signing the offer letter.

Can I work from home?

Working from home is a growing trend that’s becoming increasingly popular across many organisations. As tempting as it is to kick back on your couch and work under your blanket every Friday, this is a privilege that comes over time. A lot of trust and communication is needed before you can receive this privilege so be patient and show your boss why you can be trusted to work remotely. This is certainly not something that needs to be discussed during an interview!

Think twice before asking questions in an interview. What you ask should show your interest in the company and the role. Don’t ask questions that can turn-off the interviewer and lose your chances on your dream job! If you are thinking of switching jobs and possibly interviewing soon, browse through Adzuna for the most recent vacancies!