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Top 5 jobs you can do from home


Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular career choice, and it’s easy to see why.

For some, it’s a way of fitting professional commitments around a busy family schedule, and for others, it serves to maximise productivity by cutting out time wasted on daily commute.

Whatever the individual circumstances, today’s widespread internet access has enabled many of us to swap the office desk for the dining room table, reaching equal or even higher productivity levels.

While taking up a home-based job allows you to retain a level of autonomy, it also requires discipline and valuable skills. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top careers you can have from home depending on your abilities.

Freelance content writer

Skills you’d need:

  • Exceptional writing and editing
  • Highly organised
  • Ability to network and build relationships
  • Experience with SEO

If you’re good with words and value flexibility, then working as a freelance content writer may be the perfect fit for you.

Typically, in order to land your first writing job you’d need a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism or a related field backed up with some previous work experience.

What could you be earning?

Salary for content writers is very much dependent on experience. However, on average, writers can expect to earn $32,392 per annum.

Online tutor

Skills you’d need:

  • Extensive subject knowledge
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Proficient computer skills

With video-calling platforms such as Skype, online tutoring has become an accessible option for individuals with in-depth subject knowledge.

Those fluent in foreign and local languages can also offer their expertise through private virtual lessons.

As online tutoring is open to university students and professors alike, salaries vary significantly depending on experience and academic credentials.

What could you be earning?

Online tutors can earn $42,494 per year on average, see our vacancies.


Social media manager

Skills you’d need:

  • Advanced communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Social media savvy

While a natural fit for millennial candidates addicted to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, becoming a great social media manager takes more than just having a few social media accounts.

Not everyone has a knack for posting fun and engaging content that generates hundreds of likes. Therefore, those considering working as a social media manager should not only be well versed in digital technology, but should also have strong communication and networking skills.

As more and more businesses are moving onto social media platforms as their main marketing vehicles, jobs in this field are proliferating. What’s more, social media managers are given increased responsibility for driving brand awareness and polishing a company’s reputation online.

What could you be earning?

Social media managers can earn $43,608 per annum on average, see our vacancies.


Skills you’d need:

  • Attentive listening skills
  • Competency with spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Attention to detail

Like the name suggests, a transcriptionist types out the content of an audio recording into a word document. This may include transcribing a university lecture for archival purposes or medical dictations made by healthcare professionals.

Unlike most of the other jobs listed here, it’s easy to get into transcription without much prior experience, though the majority of employers prefer candidates with a degree, and those interested in medical transcription will need to complete a course.

It is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking for flexible part-time work, as companies often allow you to manage your own schedule.

What could you be earning?

On average, transcriptionists earn a yearly salary of about $42,519.

Virtual assistant

Skills you’d need:

  • Highly organised
  • Excellent phone etiquette
  • Proficient computer skills

Virtual assistant jobs are on the rise.

A virtual assistant performs various administrative tasks such as answering emails, managing calendars and entering data.

This is an ideal role for someone who is highly organised and has the ability to multitask.

A virtual assistant working remotely would be expected to handle the same types of tasks as an office secretary or manager, but would need to rely on their own computer, phone and internet connection.

In order to succeed in this role you’d generally be expected to have some previous administrative experience.

What could you be earning?

For this type of work, you can expect to be paid an average yearly salary of $42,870.