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Senior/Retail Assistant, NHG Polyclinic Pharmacy

Location: Singapore
Company: National Healthcare Group Polyclinics
foundit (Monster)
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You will provide quality customer service and assist the retail supervisor in ensuring smooth operations in the retail pharmacy. You will assist the supervisors in inventory management of the retail pharmacy and ensure accurate documentation in inventory systems.



1. Operational

i) Perform daily operations of the pharmacy
a) Ensure that the store is opened punctually
b) Ensure a high standard of cleanliness at the trading area and retail storeroom
c) Monitor the queue and actively respond to reduce the waiting time of patients.
d) Ensure that the float is ready and prepared on time

ii) Provide quality customer service
a) Provide professional and courteous service to all patients / customers
b) Identify customers' needs and assist them with product enquiries
c) Highlight problems encountered to supervisor, including feedbacks from patients.
d) Demonstrate good telephone etiquette
e) Adopt patient-centric practices so as to meet/exceed patients' needs/expectations

iii) Operating cash register and handling of cash in the pharmacy
a) Perform cashiering duties with integrity and honesty
b) Ensure sales collections are done accurately
c) Ensure accurate and complete documentation of cash handling with proper verification(if required)
d) Ensure cash collection is properly accounted for and banked in daily
e) Report detected discrepancies to supervisor

2. Inventory

i) Manage stock inventory
a) Perform daily checks to ensure sufficient/minimum required quantities of stocks are displayed in the retail shop floor
b) Monitor stocks levels and initiate replenishment when stocks are low
c) Assist the supervisor in monitoring of stocks movements and ensuring optimal stock holding
d) Assist the supervisor to conduct cycle counts and stock takes

ii) Ensure proper merchandising of products
a) Ensure that the products are displayed in accordance to the merchandising standards
b) Optimise shelf display area
c) Execute promotional displays in a timely manner

iii) Inspect stock conditions
a) Ensure that retail stocks are stored in the correct storage conditions
b) Check expiry dates and condition of stocks at specified interval
c) Alert the supervisor if storage conditions of stocks have not been adhered to
d) Ensure all products are in good saleable condition

iv) Perform goods receipts, handle inter-branch transfers and error reports
a) Assist in checking and receiving of stocks in accordance to the Standard Operating Procedures
b) Performs inter-branch transfers of stocks c) Assist the supervisor to resolve error reports

3. Administration

i) Maintain proper records a) Maintain proper records of daily sales and customer counts
b) Ensure accurate documentation of stock movements in SAP
c) Assist the supervisor in conducting investigations for inventory discrepancies
d) Assist the supervisor in compiling information as required
e) Ensure timely submission of reports as required
f) Assist the supervisor in ensuring proper filing of the retail documents

ii) Maintain the equipment used in the pharmacy
a) Conduct regular checks on the equipment used e.g. computers, printers, fax machine, etc.
b) Upkeep the equipment with scheduled maintenance
c) Keep proper records of equipment maintenance
d) Report promptly to the supervisor in the event of malfunction
e) Assist in contacting the relevant vendors for the rectification works

iii) Assist the supervisors in administrative matters

4. Staff Training & Development
i) Assist the supervisor in orientating new staff on retail workflows and pharmacy activities
ii) Assist the supervisor to conduct briefing for promoters iii) Assist to coach new staff

5. Systems Administration
i) Ensure that the computer systems are ready to serve patients at the start of the day
ii) Generate monthly reports for analysis by the supervisor

6. Housekeeping
i) Ensure good housekeeping
a) Ensure that the retail trading and storage areas are clean and tidy
b) Ensure that cartons are not left lying unattended at the retail trading area
c) Dust and clean products and shelves regularly
d) Ensure that the cashier counter is not cluttered
e) Remove wastes in the shopping baskets daily

7. Security
i) Maintain the security of stocks, premise and stored information at all times
ii) Take action to prevent security breaches
iii) Comply with all standard operating procedures on security

(B) GENERAL (20%)

1. Coach and supervise team members
2. Supervise the promoters to ensure that they adhere to the code of conduct
3. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Reporting Officer
4. Involve in work place improvement projects/ activities as and when required



  • GCE N or O level with at least 2 years pharmacy retail experience

  • None

  • Customer-oriented, dynamic, committed wth hands-on experience in a retail store environment

You will provide quality customer service and assist the retail supervisor in ensuring smooth operations in the retail pharmacy. You will assist the supervisors in inventory management of the retail pharmacy and ensure accurate documentation in inven

Skills: Senior / Retail Assistant

Experience: 2.00-5.00 Years

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