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Yoga Instructors - Branch Manager / Anchor Instructor

Salary: $15-40/hourly
Location: Tanglin
Company: Ambience Yoga Pte Ltd
Hours: Part time
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Welcome to Ambience Yoga!

We are a Yoga Studio Functioning with Old Fashioned Values of Decency and Honesty. We take pride in our firm Associations we develop with our Wonderful Practitioners- Be they Instructor or Clientele.

In this Employment Drive, we are seeking Yoga Instructors who are willing to Join us as Anchor Instructors/Branch Managers for our 3 Branches. You will be working with our Operations and Admin Management team in order to facilitate the smooth running of the business and to ensure its ongoing Business Growth and Expansion.

Initially upon Joining, you will be required to travel between the 3 branches to assist with the Overall Operations and Business Management of Ambience Yoga as a whole… after which, you will then be settled into one of our Branches to oversee Dedicated Operations and Marketing for that particular branch…

The Terms are as follows: You will initially be allocated a daily class load of 5 classes a day.

Depending on your experience as a Yoga Instructor, you will be allocated $15 .00 to $30.00 per class.

You will need to fulfil; the full teaching load of the full 5 classes per day, but you will be required to meet client targets as well as to work with our Operations and Admin Team in addition to this to come up with strategies to Optimize the Business.

Some Weekend Work is Essential and is Dependent on Individual Branch Requirements based on our Business Directives

Your performance Will be reviewed on a Regular Basis and will include Performance Bonuses… Conversely, Non-Performers will NOT be invited to stay on, but Will be Terminated.

Those Higher Performers will eventually be offered Franchising Opportunities within the Ambience Yoga Brand.(Subject to Strict Confidentiality)

Our Current Expansion means that if you are selected as an Ambience Yoga Anchor Instructor/Manager, you will Enjoy the Stability to work for a Minimum number of Hours per Day and be availed eventually to the Franchise Opportunity of owning your very own Yoga Franchise!.... We are now Setting up our SIGLAP and TANGLIN Branches, in addition to our current KING ALBERT PARK Branch. We are CURRENTLY INVITING AERIAL YOGA INSTRUCTORS AS WELL AS THOSE SPECIALIZING ON OTHER FORMS AND YOGA FLOWS WILLING TO WORK on Week Days and Weekends


We are seeking Instructors who are Serious About working in a Business they will eventually become a Firm Part of… IF YOU SEE YOURSELF AS A PASSIONATE INSTRUCTOR,, please feel free to apply!

Proven Performers will be given the opportunity to enjoy higher number of hours and an elevated hourly rate... But please remember that this is based on our assessment of you and NOT your assessment of yourself!

We are a Tight-Knit group of Individuals Passionate about our Yoga Practise and Sharing and Disseminating these Passions with our Growing Clientele Base. Mat Numbers are Kept to a minimum in our 'Quality-Over-Quantity' Philosophy and Value Systems of Sharing the Energy and Passions for Yoga with our Valued Clientele.

Having stated the above, NOT JUST ANYONE can be an Ambience Yoga Instructor, Let Alone, An Ambience Yoga Anchor Instructor/Manager

You need to be Honest, Punctual, Respectful, and have High Standards of Integrity and Humility and Understand our Intention to Facilitate and Build upon a Strengthening Yoga Community Concept.

You will also have to be willing to strive towards Consistent Betterment and Improvement as a Yoga Instructor and as Part of our Yoga Community. Your Teaching will always be Subjected to Review and Feedback with this in Mind.

Your Communication Skills will have to be excellent Both as an Instructor and as a Colleague, with Consideration and Common-sensical standards of Operation and Application.

We here at Ambience Yoga Pride ourselves on giving Instructors with Potential Teaching Opportunities... Even if you are newly Passed out from your YTT!

Ambience Yoga is a Boutique Studio Concept,, so for the time being, Your Salary will range from $15 per hour for New Instructors with Potential up to $30 for Those with Experienced Instructorship, (and a PERFORMANCE BONUS of an additional $10.00 for Instructors who are able to ACHIEVE FULL CLASS CAPACITY ATTENDANCE) ) Instructor Salaries are reviewed regularly with a potential for positive revision in line with Ambience Yoga's Operational Ethos and Philosophy.

We take pride in the Personal Growth and Development of our Instructor Pool here at Ambience Yoga!

Classes with No Bookings will NOT Attract any Salary, as you will not be required to present yourself for these. Your Pay is Activated However if there is only 1 Single Booking which you will need to show up for) (Bookings are made and Paid for at least 3 hours Online Prior to Class so you have ample time to plan ahead This allows you the opportunity to build up your own following and Pool of Clientele as demonstrated by our other Instructors.

Unlike other Studios, Ambience Yoga does not Cancel Classes if there is only 1 Single Sign up.... (Other Studios have this 'Minimum Sign-Up Requirement of 3-4 otherwise they tend to cancel their class) We here at Ambience Yoga However understand this impacts our Instructors and Clientele negatively, and this is just simply NOT what we are about!

We Urge our Instructors to foster a two-way street of good will and 'give-and-take philosophy by doing things like Including Ambience Yoga Studios and their time spent there in their Social Media, thereby creating a win-win situation for all!

ONLY Yoga Teacher Training Cert Holders (Minimum 200 Hours) with the Relevant Specialist Training May Apply.


Job Types: Part-time, Permanent with View to Advancement as Franchise Owner

Salary: $15.00 - $30.00 per hour (Plus $10.00 Performance Bonus for Full Class)

Part-time hours: 5 Hours /Day for 5 days/week - Some Weekends Essential

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary, Permanent

Contract length: 12 months (With Guaranteed Minimum Working Schedules)

Part-time hours: 25 hours per week

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Salary: From $15.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:

Temperature Scanner as well as regular Disinfecting of Studio and Admin Surfaces

Work Schedule:
This job has the following work schedule:
5.5 days / week

Benefits & Perks
This job has the following benefits:
Training & professional development

This job is located in Tanglin, Central, Singapore.

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